Updated Grand River Health COVID-19 cumulative stats for February 8, 2022

Grand River Health

RIFLE, COLO. – The following are updated statistics from Grand River Health:

Grand River Health COVID-19 cumulative stats: – 2/8/2022:

Number of individuals tested: 14,690
Positive results: 3,165
Pending results: 2
New positives since 1/25/22: 144
Patients admitted with COVID-19 since outbreak began: 119
Patients transferred: 20
Patients discharged: 98
Reported numbers are from Grand River Health only and could change at any time.

Moderna and PFIZER Booster Vaccine for Adults and children 5-11 are available by appointment only.

 To get an appointment please call 970 -625-1100.

As a reminder… the Emergency department sees patients with life threatening situations of life and limb. Our after hours clinic sees all upper respiratory illnesses including season flu, sore throats and COVID or COVID-like symptoms. The Grand River Health seasonal Respiratory Clinics will be closing in Rifle on Monday, February 14 and will become the After Hours clinic by appointment only in its location on the south side of the hospital facility in Rifle. Battlement Mesa clinic west will continue serving Respiratory patients in the Battlement Mesa Respiratory clinic and is open weekdays 8am-5pm. All appointments can be made through the patient portal or by calling (970) 625-1100. Maps and information will be available online at www.grandriverhealth.org.

All clinic services, hospital and specialty services are open. All patients will be screened appropriately.

All appointments can be made by calling (970) 625-1100. Patients are asked to wear an ear loop mask while in the facility. 

Updated Grand River Health COVID-19 cumulative stats for February 8, 2022