State of Colorado begins deconstruction of two alternative COVID care sites

Centennial, Colo. – Oct. 6, 2020: On October 5, the State of Colorado began deconstruction of two alternative care sites. The Ranch Complex in Loveland and the Western Memory Care Center in Grand Junction will complete deconstruction around mid-November. 

At this time, with a 3.41 seven-day average percent positivity rate, the state feels like it is  safe to close these two sites. Three alternative care sites remain available and ready to operate at the Colorado Convention Center, St. Mary Corwin and St. Anthony 84th Avenue sites.  

Deconstruction of the two sites saves the state money while ensuring we still have the necessary capacity to respond to a surge. The state will transfer equipment from the two sites to the Colorado Convention Center for use within the three remaining sites. 

On April 10, Governor Jared Polis announced that alternative care sites were standing up to “help protect our ability to treat the most seriously sick by allowing hospitals to move less serious cases to the convention center and therefore make critical care available for those who need it most.”  At that time our seven-day positivity rate was 19.66 percent. 

In the early days of the pandemic, Colorado saw rapid infection growth and modeling data indicated that we were on pace to far exceed the capacity of our healthcare system. It was critical to build capacity outside of our hospitals to ensure that Coloradans would be able to have the care that they needed if we exceeded institutional capacity.  

The need to use the alternative care facilities was mitigated by the Stay at Home order and Coloradans’ commitment to helping slow the spread of COVID-19. Throughout this time we partnered with our hospitals and healthcare system to increase hospital capacity and ventilators. Colorado doctors have also become more experienced in treating COVID-19 patients in ways that result in better outcomes, shorter lengths of stay and less demand for ventilators.  

State of Colorado begins deconstruction of two alternative COVID care sites