Pitkin County orders stay-at-home order

ASPEN—Pitkin County Public Health has ordered new restrictions that further prevent the spread of COVID-19 by limiting contact between people, primarily through a stay-at-home order.

The high points of the order include stronger direction for people to remain at home, directing tourists visiting the area to head home, and closing non-essential businesses. Essential businesses are directed to seek to meet the social distancing and other prevention techniques at all times.

Also, the department is rolling out a new “Community Symptom Tracker” program tomorrow.

“We understand people are asking for more information regarding the spread of COVID-19,” Pitkin County Community Health Director Karen Koenemann said Monday. “This program is going to allow community members to report their symptoms to help us get a better understanding of the scope of the spread of the disease.”

“For their protection and the protection of the community, we are asking the tourists to follow the national and state direction to head home,” County Manager Jon Peacock said.


Bill Linn
PIO, Pitkin County Incident Management Team

Pitkin County orders stay-at-home order