Glenwood Springs discretionary and tourism grants awarded

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, CO – Glenwood Springs City Council approved grant recommendations from the Financial Advisory Board for Tourism and Economic Recovery.

The 2020 City of Glenwood Springs Budget allocates $223,680 between the Tourism Promotion Fund and the A&I Fund for Tourism and Discretionary grants. The application deadline was extended by two weeks to April 17 for respondents to update their submittals addressing how the funds they receive would mitigate the impact of the coronavirus.

The Financial Advisory Board received and reviewed 32 applications asking for $408,050 in funding. The Board recommended that Council approve 8 applications in the amount of $143,750. These organizations submitted qualified applications describing activities the Financial Advisory Board believes to be useful in Glenwood’s handling of the COVID-19 virus. These awards included $100,000 to the Glenwood Springs Chamber Foundation for direct economic support to Glenwood businesses. This leaves a remaining amount of $79,930 available for additional awards. The remaining funds can be allocated by city council discretion at a later date.

Grant recipients:                                                      award total:

Alpine Legal Services                                                $5,000
Catholic Charities                                                     $12,500
Family Visitor Programs                                          $2,500
Glenwood Springs Chamber Foundation              $100,000
Homecare and Hospice of the Valley                     $3,750
Mountain Valley Developmental Services            $5,000
River Bridge Regional Center                                  $5,000
Coventure                                                                 $10,000

FAB grants are funded by an allocation of sales tax revenues from A&I and tourism funds each year.

Glenwood Springs discretionary and tourism grants awarded