Garfield County: Safer at Home restrictions still in place for restaurants, tourist attractions, pools, summer camps

We realize that many businesses, such as restaurants, tourist attractions, pools and summer camps, are fearful of the continued impact the current restrictions are having on business. It is too early to tell if restrictions will be lessened at the end of May. We know that this makes planning for reopening very difficult.

We hear your concerns and are working diligently to figure out what the future holds. We’re just not there yet. Our Garfield County Public Health team is available to answer as many questions as we can, based on the resources that we have.

Until travel restrictions are lifted, there will not be travel for tourism in Colorado. Under Safer at Home, only “necessary” travel in or out of the state is allowed. Necessary travel activities are those related to health and safety, work, obtaining supplies, such as food and consumer products, and engaging in outdoor activities close to home.

If we all do our part and resist the temptation to break the rules, we will get through this trying time more quickly. Help us move into less-restricted phases of protection by encouraging everyone to limit personal contact with others.

Please be advised that in-person dining is still restricted

Under Public Health Order 20-28 restaurants and bars and other similar places of public accommodation offering food or beverage for on-premises consumption are still closed.

Please understand Public Health Order 20-28 is an enforceable order implemented to protect the citizens of Garfield County and the state of Colorado.  

Face coverings required

Executive Order D 2020 039 orders workers at critical businesses to wear non-medical face coverings while at work and wear gloves (if gloves are provided by an employer) when in contact with customers or goods. Please remember, for gloves to be an effective method of protection they need to be changed between tasks – for example after handling customers’ payments and before packaging and delivering items to customers.

Every business in Garfield County will need to review the Garfield County Roadmap to Recovery and complete the required Garfield County Business Social Distancing Plan before re-opening. Please ensure to print out a copy of your plan to have available for employees and customers.

Please reach out to  or 970-625-5200, ext. 8120, with any additional questions or concerns.

Garfield County: Safer at Home restrictions still in place for restaurants, tourist attractions, pools, summer camps