CDPHE: State releases new and updated public health orders

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment announces amendments and extensions to public health orders today, and issues a new public health order. The orders come as cases continue to rise in Colorado, and as the state ensures that the vaccine and boosters are accessible to all Coloradans. 

Public Health Order 20-38 is extended. The order includes limited requirements to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in Colorado. It requires face coverings in some settings. The Order also includes hospital reporting requirements to provide the State with critical information to assess the statewide capacity to provide necessary medical care and services to Coloradans.

Public Health Order 21-01 is amended and extended. The order now includes a provision requiring providers to administer second shots and any additional or booster shots regardless of where the individual received prior vaccinations. It also requires providers to administer vaccine to any individual who self-attests that they meet the criteria approved by the FDA and recommended by CDC. Finally, it requires vaccine administrators to submit vaccination and demographic data to CDPHE within 48 hours of administration.

Public Health Order 21-02 aims to give hospitals greater capacity to serve Coloradans during the pandemic. It requires hospitals, hospital-owned Ambulatory Surgical Centers, and outpatient surgery centers to delay cosmetic procedures for up to six months if the delay would not cause harm to life, limb or function. 

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CDPHE: State releases new and updated public health orders